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This Curriculum Box includes:


Mimi doll with small puppy

God Made Mimi Color Story Kit

 Barn with a pig, cow and horse finger puppet  inside.

Battery - operated horse (Gallop or Rusty)

8 soft rubber or Fisher Price ponies

Bossy Cow Color Story Kit

8 soft rubber or Fisher Price cows

Cow hand puppet or plush cow

 8 soft rubber or Fisher Price pigs

Battery-operated pig

Plush pig in barn

God Made Mimi Story in a Bag

Plush cow noisemaker

Plush pig noisemaker

Bushel of Fruit by Learning Resources

Bushel of Vegetables by Learning Resources

God Made Me Color Story Kit

You may purchase the “Mimi Visits the Farm” Black light story kit separately.

Thank you, God, for Making Me / My Five Senses Curriculum Box for Toddlers

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