Palma's Story: in her own words!                                 Debbie Smiley Ausmus

Dear Friends,

Debbie Smiley Ausmus, daughter of Palma Smiley, passed away on November 16th, 2018, of Dementia. I know that many of you loved and cherished her many acts of kindness in regards to help with your Bible class curriculum. She worked tirelessly for many years assisting her Mom in writing curriculum, designing curriculum boxes, searching for special visual aids, and was the "mastermind" - so to speak - behind the creation of the black light story kits. These black light stories have been used in many countries around the world in mission efforts and in the U.S.in numerous churches.

She was a dear friend,as well as a mentor, and Heaven's gain is certainly our loss. 


Many Blessings,

Susie for Early Childhood

Interesting article about Palma's teaching method.