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You will receive links to download your Digital products in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.(All sales final on downloadable books.) If you need help downloading your material, I will be happy to help!Dear Friends,You are purchasing a PDF Download for the Baby Jesus Curriculum Book for Toddlers. This is a non-returnable purchase. The same copyright rulesapply to the downloadable book as to the printed copy of the book. You may share the information in the book only with the teachers in your church or school.Thank you,Susie for Early ChildhoodThis is the second book in the toddler curriculum series for 24-42 months. It includes three thematic units: The Birth of Jesus, Little Boy Jesus,and Noah's Ark.Lesson Book TwoThree Thematic Units  are included in this book:Baby Jesus/ Boy Jesus / Noah's Ark Thematic Unit: Baby JesusTheme:God sent his son, Baby Jesus, to live on earth.Scripture: Matthew 1 and 2; Luke 1 and 2.Lesson Aim To teach Bible facts about the birth of Jesus by involving the total child. Outline of Baby Jesus Theme in the Curriculum Book:Worship timeThe Angel and MaryGoing to Bethlehem Jesus is bornAnimal mini unitsShepherds and AngelsWise men see the starWise men and their camelsWise men bring gifts(Many supplemental materials are available to enrich this theme on our website) Second Thematic Unit: Jesus as a BoyOutline of Boy Jesus Theme in the Curriculum Book:Baby Jesus Visits the Temple ( Luke 2: 21-40 ) The Flight into Egypt(Matthew 2: 13-23)At Home in Nazareth Lost in the Temple(Luke 2:41-52)  Third Thematic unitNoah and the Ark Theme : God took care of Noah and the animals inside the ark.God takes care of us. Scripture: Genesis 6-9 Lesson aim: To teach Bible facts about the story of Noah and the Ark and help the children feel that God will take care of us.  Outline of Noah and the Ark Theme in the Curriculum Book: Noah Builds an ArkNoah Puts the Animala into the ArkGod Sends the RainNoah and the Animals Come out of the ArkGod Sends the Rainbow

PDF Download for the Baby Jesus Curriculum Book for Toddlers.

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