This curriculum box includes:
1. Fisher Price "Little People" Noah's Ark set with eight pairs of animals(one pair  for each child)
2. Eight felt saws or hammers
3. Noah's Ark glove puppet
4. Noah's Ark color story kit
5. Noah's Ark Blacklight story kit 
6. Scripts and CD
7. Eight rainbow puppets on a stick
8. Rainbow puppet on a stick for the teacher
9.Eight dove puppets on a stick
10. Dove puppet on a stick for the teacher
11. Eight raincloud puppets on a stick
12.Raincloud puppet on a stick for the teacher
13.Melissa and Doug Hungry Pelican to feed with toy sea animals - The pelican's bill opens and closes for feeding time.
14 Eight sea animals to "feed" the pelican
15. Noah doll or puppet on a stick
The Story in a  Bag can be purchased separately!  Thank you!

Noah and the Ark Curriculum Box for Toddlers