Contents include:      Scripts and song Cd   - Turtle pull toy   - 8 soft rubber turtles   - Peek box with magnets   - 8 plush flowers   - 1 plush flower for teacher   - Sun and moon puppets on a stick   - Star and cloud puppets on a  stick   - 8 soft rubber fish and a fish for  the teacher   - Light up musical star or star  finger puppet   - The soft rubber birds are not  available at this time   - 8 soft rubber butterflies   - Bee hive "peek a boo" picture with 3 bee finger puppets   - Caterpillar pull toy   - Bumblebee visual   - Mimi doll   - Plush Tree designed by the  Unipak company for our unit  with 5 peek a boo holes to use  with script   -  The following are included with  the plush tree.    Caterpillar finger puppet  - 2 plush butterflies   - 1 plush bunny   - 1 plush bird   - 1 plush bee   - Squirrel finger puppet   - Turtle finger puppet

Creation (God's Beautiful World) Curriculum Box for Babies