Contents Include: 	Scripts and new Song Cd-	Laminated House Peek Board	- 8 baby dolls for babies and one 	for the teacher-	Duck Family Pull Toy-	8 soft rubber ducks-	Peek box with magnets-	8 soft rubber chickens-	Mother hen thats lays eggs	or plush mother hen (depending on availability)-	Laminated Hen Peek Board with baby chicks hiding under mother's wings	- rooster-	Carrot visual	- Plush bunny-	3 bunnies for counting activity-	Cat hand puppet for teacher-	8 soft rubber cats-	Small ball for cat to "play" with	New plush tree log designed by the Unipak company especially for this unit with 5 peek a boo holes, 3 bunnies and 2 cats peeking out-Laminated picture of Jesus

Thank you, God, for Families Curriculum Box for Babies