Thank You, God, for Baby Jesus – Lesson 4, “To Babies with Love”​​​​​​We are pleased to announce the release of our new CD with the songs that accompany "To Babies With Love"Lesson 4 -Thank you, God, for Baby Jesus!There are 45 tracks on the CD that correlate with the  order of the songs in lesson 4. (The CD is sung in Acapella Format.) This would not be possible without Pamela Rezach's generous use of her many talents and abilities to create this CD! Thank you, Pamela!

Please scroll down to see the list of songs on the Cd.

Page 1Track 1, This is the Way We Pat the Bible, This is the Way

Track 2, I love Baby Jesus – I Love Little Pussy

Page 2 Track 3, Mary Sings (Pretty) – Lemon Tree

Track 4, Mary Sings a Happy Song – Merrily, We Roll Along

Track 5, Joseph Stands by Mary’s Side – London Bridge

Track 6, This is the Stable Where Jesus was Born – This is the Way

Page 3 Track 7, I peeked in the Stable (Donkey) – I Love Little Pussy

Page 4 Track 8, Hear the Little Donkey Hee-Haw-Hee – I’m a Little Teapot

Track 9, Little Donkey, Did You See? – Are You Sleeping?

Track 10, Oh, Do You See the Donkey Gray? – The Muffin Man

Page 5 No songs on page 5.

Page 6 Track 11, Good-bye Donkey – Goodnight Ladies

Track 12, I Peeked in the Stable –(Dove) I Love Little Pussy

Track 13, Flying Doves, Flying Doves – This Old Man

Page 7 Track 14, Cooing Doves, Cooing Doves – This Old Man

Track 15, Oh, The Doves in the Stable Cooed Soft and Low – The Bus Song

Track 16, Hear the Doves on Rafters High – Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Track 17, I Saw White Doves Go Flying Round – I Saw Three Ships

Page 8 No songs on this page

Page 9 Track 18, I Peeked in the Stable (Cow) – I Love Little Pussy

Track 19, Little Brown Cow – Little Bo Peep

Track 20, In the Stable Lived a Pretty Cow – Ba, Ba, Black Sheep

Track 21, Pretty Brown Cow – Are You Sleeping?

Page 10 Track 22, Oh, Do You See the Moo-Moo Cow? – The Muffin man

Page 11 Track 2