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Curriculum Book Three

First Thematic Unit
David the Shepherd

David and His Sheep
 I Samuel 16:1-12
Lesson Aim:
 To teach the children that God cares for us as he cared for David and his sheep. To relate different learning experiences to the Bible Story.
Second Thematic Unit
Jesus Loves all Children Everywhere.

Matthew 19:13-15, Mark 10:13-16, Luke 18: 15-17

Lesson Aim:
To teach the children that Jesus loves all children and cares about them by involving the total child.
Third Thematic Unit:
 Sharing Pleases Jesus
A Little Boy Shares His Lunch

 John 6: 1-14

Lesson Aim
 To teach the children that Bible words give us examples
 of how God will bless us when we give to him and others.

David/ Jesus Loves the Children/ Sharing Curriculum Book

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