Contents Include:
Scripts and Cd
Mimi doll
Overview of Days 1 - 6:
Creation Color Story Kit
Creation Black light Story Kit
Creation Story in a Bag
Creation Review / Game Cards

Day 3: 
Mimi's Carrots Color Story Kit
New Sprouts "Grow It" 
Kit: Includes 2 flowers, 2 veggies (carrot and radish), watering can, shovel, and 3 pots designed to look like they are filled with dirt.
(Script and songs are included!)

Day 4: Sun, Moon, and Stars Mitt

Day 5: Sea Life Blacklight Story Kit 
8 soft rubber whales
8 soft rubber dolphins
Whale finger puppet 
Dolphin finger puppet
8 soft rubber pelicans

Day 6: God Made the Animals Pairing Game

Additional suggestions to use with this unit: (Not included in this box)
1.God Made the Night time story in a bag
2. Day and Night game
3. Owl Day/Night Mitt
4. God Made the Night time Black light story kit and more!


Creation Curriculum Box for Toddlers (24-42 months)