Contents Include:	
Scripts and Cd
Fisher Price Nativity Set
8 "Little People" Mary's
8 "Little People" Angel's or Angel puppets on a stick
Angel visual for teacher
8 dove puppets on a stick
Dove visual for teacher
Baby Jesus Color Story Kit
Sheep puppet
8 sheep for children
8 "Little People" Wise Men
8 Star puppets on a stick 
1 star visual for teacher
Camel visual for teacher
8 "Little People"donkeys or camels
Donkey visual for teacher
8 Baby Jesus dolls for children to hold
1 baby for teacher 
Baby Jesus Glove puppet
The Wise Men Visit Baby Jesus Story in a bag
Baby Jesus Shapes Puzzle

Note: The Birth of Jesus Blacklight Story Kit may be purchased separately.

Baby Jesus Curriculum Box for Toddlers