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Bible Boo Boos

Dear Teachers,

Young children love to talk about boo boos and tell their boo-boo “stories”. A box of Band-Aids or any type of bandage is a great visual aid to use to introduce any Bible lesson with a “Boo-Boo”. Some examples are the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), healing of the ten lepers (Luke 10:17), etc. It is helpful to collect different colors and styles of bandages and use them with any Bible story with a “boo-boo”. Even if a young child does not like to wear a bandage, he/she almost always loves to talk about boo-boos! I have used this visual aid in 2-5 year old classes and it is a great attention “grabber”! Unique bandages can be found at Bible book stores, Amazon, and many other places.

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